Past Releases

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Artist                                                                                     Description                                         Catalog Number               Release Date

c2                                                                                           Blood/Wheel of Fortune 45             SPL-000                                       5/93

Wanda Chrome and the Leather Pharaohs                   Werewolf/Jet Black 45                      SPL-001                                       10/93

Fuckface                                                                              Thorn/Tex 45                                       SPL-002                                       11/93

Various Awesome Artists                                                 Ground Up CD                                     SPL-003                                       5/94

P.P. D' Ca Ca                                                                       My Piss is 80 Proof book                   SPL-004                                        11/94

Triple Forbidden Taboo                                                    Skydiving in My Heart/                     SPL-005                                         10/94

                                                                                              Hollywood Stuntman 45

Tweaker                                                                              Union Ways 2x45                               SPL-006                                          8/94      

Well                                                                                     Pickin' & Sinkin'/Greedy 45              SPL-007                                          3/95

Dead Lillies                                                                         Fountain of Youth/Dive 45              SPL-008                                           6/95

Drop                                                                                    Covered By an Underground          SPL-009                                            10/95

                                                                                             Umbrella/ They All Say 45

Rustle of Luv                                                                      Big Love ep                                         SPL-010                                            4/95

Chris Twining                                                                     I Left My Heart in Budapest ep       SPL-011                                            4/95

Wanda Chrome and the Leather Pharaohs                 Eleven...The Hard Way LP/CD        SPL-012                                              1/96

Various Killer Artists                                                        History in 3 Chords CD                     SPL-014/015                                     5/01

The Dominoes                                                                   s/t CD                                                 SPL-021                                              5/12

3 On Fire                                                                            Neo-Smorgasbord CD                      SPL-022                                              5/12

The Prosecutors                                                               s/t CD                                                  SPL-023                                              9/12


Also Available

The Zodiac Desperados                                                 Brooklyn Barndance cd                     Krelmo 0101                      

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